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Easter is days away...whachu cooking?! :)

Paulina has many options for Easter this year, but the easy part...you will enjoy whichever you choose!!!

Smoked Hams

Fresh Hams

Leg of Lamb

Fresh Polish Sausage

Easter Smoked Polish Sausage (Only made during Easter Season)


Enjoy the taste of quality and see you soon!!!

      Sigmund Lekan began making sausage and smoking meats at Paulina Market in 1949. Back then Lincoln Avenue was known as Germantown Chicago. Using recipes and traditions brought over from old-world European butcher shops, Paulina Market gained loyal, satisfied customers from the Lincoln Avenue neighborhood and beyond. As time passed and most of the small shops on the avenue closed their doors, Paulina Market continued to grow by remaining steadfast to the highest standards of quality and freshness . . . FULL STORY
" the legacy of Sigmund Lekan’s smoked-meat and sausage-making operation "
NewCity Chicago, Best butcher shop 2007 - SEE ALL PRESS